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A Wellness Drink for Winter Afternoons

by Jolene Hart

Photo credit: Robin Jolin
It’s hard to stay energized during the long, dark days of January and February, when holiday celebrations are behind us and spring seems so far away. Without the sunshine to help us power through afternoons at the office, another cup of coffee or a trip to the vending machine is our go-to energy and mood booster. Problem is that neither of these quick pick-me-up strategies benefits the way you look and feel tomorrow, or in the days after.
While coffee does contain antioxidants, its caffeine content can prevent a restful night’s sleep when you drink it later in the day. And caffeine in coffee actually increases your stress levels by boosting levels of epinephrine in the body, according to Dr. Jeanette Graf. Refined sugar speeds up aging in the skin, causing glycation, a process that leads to wrinkles, brown spots and sagging. Refined sugar can also spike your blood sugar levels, leading to overproduction of sebum and breakouts. Both coffee and sugary, processed foods are acidic for the body, which functions best at a slightly alkaline pH.
Ready for a more beautifying alternative?
To re-energize your afternoon without relying on caffeine or refined sugar, make my beautifying Burst of Spring Green Juice. Its fresh, crisp flavor is a welcome change from heavy winter meals. Granny smith apple cleanses and cools the body while fennel reduces inflammation and prevents age-advancing DNA damage. Cucumber reduces water retention, and fresh ginger revs up your energy and digestion before your evening meal. With each sip you’ll be delivering antioxidant-rich beauty nutrition and liquid energy to your body. Spring’s not so far off after all.

Burst of Spring Green Juice

Make this juice ahead and bring it to the office for an afternoon energizer that’ll also brighten your mood. Use organic produce since you’ll be juicing these fruits and veggies peel and all.

Serves 2

1 granny smith apple, cored
1 bulb fennel, stalks removed
½ cucumber
1 ½” piece fresh ginger root
Chop the apple, fennel, cucumber and ginger (no need to peel) into chunks and process through a juicer.
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