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By Myron Mariano / September 7, 2011

Tips for younger looking skin for all ages and skin types:

Skin is the largest organ of your body, so it’s hardly surprising that products aimed at taking care of it are a dime a dozen. Fret not, our guide will help you sort through the staggering amount of choices available at the beauty aisle.


Your strategy: Childbearing can take a toll on your skin—during and after you’ve given birth. Once the new baby has arrived, you need to make sure that what you use on them is gentle enough for their still-sensitive skin.

Erbaviva Back Rub Oil

Best applied by loving partners, this organic massage oil works to relieve tired minds and muscles. $16

Mámbino Organics Scar Repair Booster

Massaging a few drops of this organic rosehip-rich oil helps reduce the appearance of post-pregnancy scarring. $30 TruKid Bubbly Body Wash Give your little guy or miss sunshine something to look forward to at the end of an activ-ity-filled day. $19.49

Baby Bear Shop Mama Belly Oil

Prevent stretch marks by generously applying this organic olive oil-based potion around your stomach area. $22

Veda Baby Cool Soothing Cream

The cream contains a concentrated amount of organic jojoba, perfect to soothe the in-flamed skin of your little bundle of joy. $30

Earth Mama Angel Baby Happy Feet

Calm inflamed tootsies—yours—with this herbal foot soak. The organic lavender, thyme, and peppermint will perk you right up. $8.95

VMV Hypoallergenics Kid Gloves Monolaurin Hand Sanitizer

Clean up and prevent the risk of transferring bacteria to your child with organic virgin coconut oil and monolaurin, a coconut-derived disinfectant. $15

Farm Baby Organic Powder

Cool your little one’s skin on a hot, humid summer day with organic cornstarch. $8.95

Brigit True Organics Baby Bottom Balm

Smooth this balm, made of certified organic beeswax and extra-virgin olive oil, before each diaper change to prevent skin irritation. $10.50


Your strategy: Exfoliation. Assisting your skin in renewing itself may help treat and pre-vent various skin imperfection,s such as acne, blotchiness, and oil slicks.

Save Your Skin Body Lotion

This refreshing grapefruit-citrus lotion is made of organic yerba maté and aloe vera. Each purchase funds the preservation of an acre of rainforest for a year. $12.98

Sonya Dakar Deep Pore Clarifying Serum

Clear up breakouts with this powerful blend of organic açai and salicylic acid. $42

Bryce Organics California Meyer Lemon Exfoliating Facial Polishing Scrub

On top of being a great anti-acne scrub, men will appreciate how close of a shave they get if they use this. $26

Von Natur Chaotic Powder Facial Masque

For more serious breakouts, apply a paste made of this mask’s organic blue green al-gae and water to reduce inflammation and reduce redness. $53

Pevonia SpaTeen Blemish-B-Gone

Target isolated pimples with this organic benzoyl peroxide gel. Great to use even under makeup. $24

Good for you Girls Oil-Free Toner

The organic white- and green-tea extracts of this refreshing toner help reduce oil slicks. $24.99 for a set

Organic Fiji Body Polish

This non-stinging certified organic body scrub preps your skin for a good spray tan. $30

Out of Africa Shea Butter Hand Lotion

Use this hand lotion, made of organic shea butter, after washing your hands to counter-act the drying effects of sudsing up. $9

Image Skincare salicylic clarifying pads

This handy, travel-friendly tub contains pads with proven acne-busters: salicylic acid and organic tea tree leaf.

Peaceful Offerings Face and Body Mist

Pack this organic mister in your bag for any time you need a quick pick-me-up. Price upon request


Your strategy: Time to start correcting the damages that may have resulted from a dec-ade of excess—such as too much sun exposure or too many sleepless nights partying.

Priori Day Complex Coffee Berry

Help to reverse the effects of excessive sun-worshipping with this lightweight cream. $90

Lotus Moon Night Cream

Many skin care products work their magic best in the evening, such as this organic rosehip oil-rich night cream. $48

Equavie Exfoliating Cream

This exfoliant contains organic sunflower oil to give your skin a radiant glow after each once-a-week use. Price upon request

Green Energy Organics Anti-Cellulite Cream

Firm up your derriere with this pleasant-smelling cream, charged with organic aloe vera. $50

Oliv’ Gentle Cleansing Milk

Remove traces of makeup at the end of the day without stripping your facial skin of its natural moisture. Ecocert-certified organic. $24.50

Lamas Beauty Citrus-C Facial Cleanser

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, topically applied vitamin C has shown promise in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The certified organic chamomile in the cleanser also helps calm irritated skin. $19

ISUN Pitta Balance Herb Oil

Clear your head of the day’s stresses. ISUN’s balancing oil not only calms irritated skin, but also balances your senses according to Ayurvedic teachings. $50

Essensa Soothing Aloe Aftershave Lotion

Organic witch hazel is one of the best natural astringents, making this the perfect lotion to spread on a freshly shaved beard. $37.40


Your strategy: Take the effort to invest in anti-aging products. As skin cell turnover be-gins to slow down, and signs of aging, such as wrinkles, slowly manifest.

Aetó Wellness Oil

Give dry patches of skin a rush of moisture with this calming oil. $28

Aveda Enbrightenment Brightening Mask

The organic shea butter, vitamins C and E, and plant emollients combine to visibly di-minish the appearance of sun spots and hyperpigmentation. $45

Suki Butter Cream Healing Salve

Soften rough elbows, hands, feet, and cuticles with a generous amount of this organic cocoa butter cream. $24.95

Jane Iredale Lip Drink

This organic macadamia nut oil-based lip balm has SPF 15—a good way to protect the sensitive skin of your kissers. $11.60

Intelligent Nutrients Anti-Aging Mist

A few sprays are all you need to get invigorated, radiant skin. $35

SwissClinical Eye Contour

Use your ring finger—it’s the finger that applies the least amount of pressure—to dis-tribute this organic elderflower extract-charged eye cream around the delicate folds of your eyes. Price upon request.


Your strategy: Maintenance. These go-to products will see you through in the latter half of your life.

April Rain Night Rainew

Containing 100 percent organic, antioxidant-enriched buddleja and echinacea extracts, this night cream renews collagen while you sleep—essential to glowing looks. $129

Prana SpaCeuticals Renewing Eye Cream

Reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, dark circles, and puffiness with this rejuvenating eye cream. $48

Eminence Primrose and Melon Balancing Masque

Irritated and dehydrated facial skin will be a thing of the past with this hydrating, calm-ing, and toning mask. $52

Grateful Body Moisture Monsoon

Add a few drops of this oil to your favorite moisturizer, and the organic marshmallow ex-tracts supercharge its hydrating effect. $32.95

Sustainable Youth Revitalizing Serum

The organic tea extracts in this treatment serum improve your skin’s elasticity and help to keep it radiant. $80

Basanti Moroccan Rose Body Butter

Comforting in its pleasant rose and patchouli scents, this organic body butter is a joy to smooth on your skin. $27.99

Hollybeth Wildflower Dry Oil

Made using 12 pure essential oils and 95 percent organic ingredients, this quick-absorbing dry oil prevents the formation of free radicals. $40

LeFP Indian Night Exfoliant

Use this 90-percent-organic scrub after a long soak in the tub to slough off dead skin cells (and the blahs away). $22



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