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Beam of Light

by Organic Spa Magazine

Leave it to clean makeup pioneer Rose Marie Swift, founder of RMS Beauty, to give us what we didn’t even know we needed.

With the new RMS Beauty Eyelights, Swift has created another lovely launch: six shades of long-wearing, fast-drying, crease-proof cream eyeshadow that give an incredibly sheer, luminous, light-reflecting glow to the lids.

When you light up the eyes, you bring radiance to the entire face, especially with shades like Flare, a deep warm gold, and Spark, a bronzy plum with a touch of violet. And RMS Beauty Eyelights provide nourishment with treatment benefits, too.

“I wanted to do something that really had benefits for the eyelids,” says Swift. “We put in a quinoa peptide to soothe, soften, firm and tone, and green tea extract, an antioxidant.”

Swift recommends applying Beauty Eyelights with fingers, what she calls “skin-to-skin application”: Start in the center of the lid, and “diffuse it out.” The effect is softly subtle and beautiful. Of course, if you want a deeper tone, simply layer more on. To prevent waste, each tube comes with a key to help squeeze out every last drop before recycling the tube.

Since “smoky eyes are really coming back right now,” according to Swift, the new RMS Straight Line Kohl Eye Pencil will become your tool of choice. The dual-sided wood pencil (with sponge-tip on one side for smudging and blending) comes with a sharpener and is infused with meadowfoam and mango seed oils to moisturize and lend a smooth application. Swift shares this tip: “Aim at the lashes and press in for a perfect line, with no gaps.”

Not only are these products gorgeous and good for you, they provide a psychological boost, too, by literally bringing light!

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