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Bath Bomb: A Fragrant Accessory For Relaxation

by Organic Spa Magazine

For those who love a good soak, the bathtub is a place out of time and season. Warm weather or cold, the tub is an amazing place to chill. But having a fragrant accessory—like a good bath bomb, oil, or soap—for before, during and after your soak is essential, and here are some of our favorites.

Jane Inc. Rx Effervescent Cubes

The packaging on these is reminiscent of the wooden alphabet blocks I used to play with as a child, and the graphics are fabulous. But what’s inside is where the fun begins: Each bath bomb is geared to help with detox, stress, sleep, muscle aches, colds and sinuses and more, with spirulina to remineralize and detox skin, baking soda for a gently fizzy experience, and essential oils, like mandarin orange, to improve the circulation and increase alertness. janeincproducts.com

Yuzu Soap Bath Bomb Cubes

These lovely Lavender Sage Bath Bomb Cubes, with two in the set, will not only help you relax, they are fully loaded with coconut oil, fragrant essential oils and natural clays to moisturize and detox the skin, with de-stressing aromatherapy benefits. yuzusoap.com

Green Goo Lavender Geranium Bliss Castile Soap

This pure and simple multipurpose liquid soap, made with organic oils, and an uplifting scent, will clean anything. Use in the bath, shower, for hands—even laundry or dishes! It is concentrated, so a little goes a long way! greengoohelps.com

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