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Why Balance Should Be Your Beauty Resolution

by Karim Orange
Balance and Self Rejuvenation

I hope you are enjoying the New Year so far. If you are like a lot of people, the New Year begins with resolutions and commitments.

It could be going to the gym, eating healthier or staying on top of a new beauty regimen. The challenge is always making your commitments realistic enough so that you keep your resolutions.

This year, why not make your resolution a balance commitment? Balance is a major aspect of life and lack of it can cause of major stress and anxiety, which can impact not only your emotional health but physical beauty. 

Since my goal is to help you stay beautiful, here are some tips to help with balance, along with a few beauty tips thrown in. 

Take time for yourself: This is almost a cliche, but it’s true. Some of us cannot carve out an hour or two to meditate and do yoga, but here are a few things you can do in 10 minutes or less.

1) Sun Salutations: A great way to alleviate muscle tightness, balance the nervous system, increase digestion and improve spinal health. It’s also a great way help achieve glowing skin and hair, due to blood flow. The great part is that sun salutations can be done in about 10 minutes. 

2) Make a cup of tea: Preparing tea is an ancient ritual that has a calming influence. Drinking tea is also a holistic practice for the mind body and spirit. For more tea talk The Daily Tea has some inspiring tea recipes. One of my personal favorite teas is called Love by Pukka. The blend of rose, chamomile, elderflower and lavender is a creation based on the name.

3) Re-apply your lipstick throughout the day: This may not seem like an obvious choice when it comes to taking time for yourself, but it is. This will allow you to take a minute to do something that is just for you! Do this in the mirror and own your unique beauty. This was explained to me many years ago by Gabriel de Santino, founder and CEO of Gabriel Cosmetics. Someone asked him about a 12-hour long-wearing lipstick (which we know contains a lot of nasty ingredients). He explained how it’s empowering to stop and do something to beautify the woman you are several times a day, and not once every 12 hours. 

4) Take a deep breath: Did you know that deep breathing plays a very important part in balance? Looking for immediate relief try CalmiGo. This natural, drug-free device helps de-stress by regulating the breath with a calming scent.

Create a balanced environment: We all can’t run off to a secluded island in the Caribbean anytime we want, but we can create a paradise at home. Here are some great options.

1) Hammock: Many think of a hammock as an outdoor experience, but it's also a great indoor experience. According to The Sleep Judge sleeping in a hammock encourages a deeper sleep and cures insomnia. You can find beautiful indoor hammock options at Vivere.

2) Massage: We all love a great massage! Since it’s not always convenient to get a professional one, The Total Body Shiatsu Plus by HoMedics is a great at-home option. Just lay down and let the unwinding begin. The kneading shiatsu and vibration massage styles allow you to customize your experience.

3) Buy yourself some flowers: Flowers stimulate several of the senses and create balance of the spirit and environment.

I hope you are enjoying the New Year, so far. I would love to hear more about your resolutions and how you maintain balance. Reach out to me on Instagram or Twitter.

~Love and Lipstick 

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