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By Taylor Lucas / April 7, 2017

We are all part of the earth and cannot deny the innate connection we have with the natural world. Nature has a way of restoring balance, providing peace and slowing down our fast pace.

It is now more important than ever to find time to remove ourselves from the bright lights and blinking screens that overtake our lives. Taking a break to immerse yourself in nature can rejuvenate your mind and heal the body. According to Jennifer Herzog, spa director at The Forest Spa at The Lodge at Glendorn, “Allowing yourself to pull away from technology is a wonderful way to detox and refresh your mind, body and spirit.”

The Lodge at Glendorn is a beautiful property in northwest Pennsylvania that offers guests a chance to reconnect with nature and escape the noise. Lying on the border of the Allegheny National Forest sits the tranquil estate that was once and continues to be a favorite family getaway.

Guests can stay in one of 16 suites on the sprawling estate. The Lodge at Glendorn offers all the amenities and activities of a luxury resort including snowshoeing, outdoor yoga, stand up paddle-boarding and golfing, depending on the season of your stay. Enjoy farm-to-table cuisine with a French-inspired menu at the on-site restaurant. Guests will also find little to no cell phone service and limited Wi-Fi, to enjoy the opportunity to fully disconnect and “take a guided hike or meditation to keep connected with nature,” says Herzog.

Immerse yourself in nature at The Forest Spa where you can forage your own berries and nuts on-site for a bespoke facial that is customized to your skin type. Experience the signature Wine Lovers’ Body Treatment, where you can pick out a special blend from the wine cellar to sip as you relax. And, don’t miss a guided hike, where you can spot geese, beaver, blue heron and, of course, fish in Skipper Lake.

The nature experience extends to pets as well, as dogs are welcomed with a basket of goodies including toys, treats and a floor mat. Take your pet on the hiking trails and spend time with your dog in nature. If you prefer, The Lodge also offers dog sitting so you can enjoy all the property has to offer, with your human companion.

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