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Away You Go

by Myron Mariano

Five practical tips to use on your travels, and the can't-go-wrong looks that you should wear

Photographs by Ian Limbaga  |  Modeling by Adam Chotem

When You're in Transit 

With the proliferation of mobile hotspots, there is little need to sign up for expensive call-and-data plans with your provider just so you can go online. These rentable, pocket-friendly devices (pick one up at the airport) allow you to post your activities on social media, use VOIP to call home, and get around with transit apps (and the always-reliable Google Maps). Just remember that you're there on vacation; put down the phone once you've arrived. You should be seeing the sights, not websites.

Style tip: During these months, a polo offers more comfort than a button-front shirt, for the same fashion mileage. Wear them during your flight or under a blazer if you have to attend to work after touching down.

100 percent organic polo; origamoapparel.com

When You're Immersing in Culture 

Museums are not only places for a visual treat and a welcome respite from being outdoors—it also gives you a look at the country's history, as seen from the eyes of those who were living at the time. When planning your trip, check to see if there are free museum days. Even the bigger, more recognized places, like the Musée du Louvre in Paris, offer complimentary access to their permanent collections on certain days.

Style tip: Resist the urge to buy a souvenir T-shirt with the country's name in big bold letters. You will never wear it. Instead, give your support to the local community and its designers.

Canyon AC long-sleeved shirt; mountainhardwear.com. Aerium shirt jacket; toadandco.com. Passage pants; oliversapparel.com. Muir backpack; gregorypacks.com

When You're Heading on a Day Trip 

When you've exhausted all of the city's points of interest, consider going on a day trip to the surrounding towns. You get to see a new location and partake in a satisfying taste of its tourist trail, without having to worry about booking a hotel or bringing your luggage.

Style tip: There's no need to engage in a debate whether it's best to flat-pack or to roll your clothes. The best method is one that combines the advantages of both. The latter produces fewer wrinkles, so roll your shirts and delicates. Big, bulky items like jeans and jackets are better off folded to better economize the space in your luggage.

Right Bank Scrambler pant and Thundershadow jacket; mountainhardwear.com. Merinolux polo; royalrobbins.com. Hunt sunglasses; spyoptic.com, Converge Weekend bag; eaglecreek.com

When You're Up for a Stroll 

The French may have coined and perfected the term flâneur, but you do not have to be in France to enjoy the art of wandering around aimlessly. Find some time for you to simply walk around. Stop by a store that looks interesting from the outside. You never know what other surprises await.

Style tip: Yes, you can still wear denim even in the summer, as long as it is neither skinny nor in a very dark wash. These regular-fit jeans are made of 98.5 percent organic cotton, and some spandex for comfort.

Panorama chambray shirt and Drover denim pant; toadandco.com. Pine tree hat; unitedbyblue.com

When You're Staying In 

Even the most experienced of travelers will run out of steam at some point in the vacation. Dedicate at least a day in your trip when you clear out your schedule and recharge. Go ahead and sleep an extra hour. Cook a lunch fit for royalty at your apartment. Your body will thank you.

Style tip: Nothing screams "American tourist" more than baggy cargo shorts. Pack a bright pair of shorts in quick-dry fabric to better blend in with the locals.

Long Weekend pullover hoodie; lululemon.com, Coast shorts; royalrobbins.com

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