Shoes At Play with Hollywood Trainer Ashley Borden

By Nicole Dorsey Straff / September 5, 2011

hollywood trainerShoes affect your tootsies health

Big-Shot Hollywood trainer Ashley Borden has worked with A-listers such as singer Natasha Bedingfield, Mandy Moore, and actor Ryan Gosling. Ashley Borden says your tootsies are the foundation of any fit body and poor-fitting athletic shoes may cause fallen arches, ankle sprains, and more! Here are her top tips:

Organic Spa Magazine: How do we know if we have, for instance, high or collapsed arches in order to get help?

Ashley Borden: Go to a specialized shoe store where they watch you walk and evaluate your gait. Sometimes local drugstores even have a Dr. Scholl’s kiosk that can tell you whether or not you need arch supports and orthotics.

OSM: What’s your best tip for all of us walkers and hikers?

AB: Change your socks! Yup, tube socks totally affect your workout. Non-cotton socks should prevent blisters and sock slippage, which can allow for a longer, more balanced workout.

OSM: What about footwear? I know my shoes fit right, but what else should exercisers look for?

AB: Wearing the right shoe is critical, of course, but learn how to lace up to the top eyelet for added ankle support. A lot of times people tie their shoes too tight when they’re really looking for ankle support, she says. For more training tips, visit

Nicole Dorsey Straff

Nicole Dorsey Straff

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