At Play with Sara Ivanhoe, Yogini Supreme

By Nicole Dorsey Straff / November 6, 2011

Sara Ivanhoe is the high-profile instructor of the “Yoga for Dummies” and “Yoga On The Edge” DVDs. She teaches classes at Yoga Works in Los Angeles and has trained celebs such as Russell Simmons and “Entourage”’s fit Perrey Reeves. She leads workshops and retreats worldwide but stays grounded (and hilarious) in Hollywood.

Organic Spa Magazine: How do you stay mellow during the holiday season?

Sara Ivanhoe: Lots of chocolate… just kidding! Your system gets agitated from sensory overload, which can be soothed by simply closing our eyes. When you’re standing in line waiting to pay for a gift, when you’re cooking and waiting for water to boil, take a few moments to allow your eyes to close and the muscles in the back of the eyes to soften. Closing your eyes for even a minute and breathing deeply is the quickest way to relax. But not when you’re driving.

OSM: What’s the best health-based gift to carry us through the New Year?

SI: There are several companies that deliver fresh organic produce from local farmers right to your home, which makes a great gift for loved ones. Having produce sent each month ensures some healthy habits and consistently reminds your relative of how thoughtful you are since the package arrives every month. I also recommend a gift certificate for a massage.

OSM: How can I tap into my yoga zone or quickly fall into a meditation?

SI: Try sitting or lying down with a scented eye bag, which is very grounding and comfortable during relaxation. When I’m at my most stressed, when my head is swimming, I place a calming eye bag — maybe lavender or rose scented — to help me soften. Relief quickly spreads to the rest of my face and head, and travels south. It really works!

Nicole Dorsey Straff

Nicole Dorsey Straff

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