At Play with Dr. Craig Martin

by tina

This holistic healer, celebrity astrologer, and author of Elemental Love Styles (Simon and Schuster) shares his wisdom.

Take a quickie quiz first ( to determine which of the four classical elements—earth, air, fire, or water—you are. Next, learn what the elements say about your personality and needs. Elemental Love Styles contains advice on building intimacy and identifying relationship traits to celebrate—or improve.

How can we re-connect with a long-time married spouse?

First, the book shows specific ways that couples make connections, and they are unique for the relationship that you’re in. By finding out what those ways are, you can approach each other with the recognition of why you have each other in your lives. This is especially important during times of stress or distance. Is it a walk in the park or a Sunday crossword that kindles the flame? Rediscover and reconnect!

As a healer, what do you do to stay healthy, energetic, and active?

I heard once that motivation is like bathing: You have to get up and do it every day. That makes sense to me because it may be as simple as eating oatmeal for breakfast or making sure I do my yoga program in the morning, but what motivates me to be healthy is the key. What motivates you to be healthy? Being healthy, for me, brings more authentic connections to loved ones and to myself.

How can couples marry health and playfulness together?

Playfulness is an expression of creativity; so being playful and healthy has limitless potential for couples. Since health has a few basic areas of importance, like diet, exercise, rest, and personal habits, those areas are the places we can be creative together. As a couple we can explore cooking, dining out, exercise routines, outdoor activities, and different healing modalities like massage or energy healing together. Being healthy and playful can become an adventurous choice that couples choose together.

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