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Aromatherapy Body Washes

by Myron Mariano

Make every bath time a treat to the senses with these aromatherapy-rich body washes.

Vanilla Bean

This essential oil, with its powerful yet relaxing aroma, is best suited to help you re-center at the end of the day. Think of the last time you treated yourself to a few scoops of vanilla ice cream after meeting that deadline at work, and you'll see why this body wash is second to none when it comes to lifting your mood. youareamazingbeauty.com


Shower with a bergamot-infused body wash if you need a refreshing zip to start your day off. This soap is made with organic food-grade oils, and is gentle enough for all skin types.  earthtuface.com

Sea Lily Jasmine

Light up a few candles, pour a glass of wine, and fill your tub with this bubble bath. Jasmine as an essential oil, relieves anxiety and stress, and doubles as a slight sedative. You'll be whisked to the land of sweet dreams in no time after getting out of the bathroom. mayfairsoapfoundry.com


Coconut has a well-deserved reputation as an all-purpose fruit. Its scent takes you to the tropics almost immediately, and its oil is intensely moisturizing—perfect for those with dry skin.  yestocarrots.com

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