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Arctic Beauty

by Amanda Wright

Trending ingredients from the coldest climates

We love our beauty and we are always looking for the next best product to promote our ultimate skincare wellness. Natural is part of our aesthetic and active ingredients from cold Arctic climates have us envious of the native plants that grow there.

Why should anyone consider these ingredients? Due to the harsh conditions, the plants that grow way up North actively produce protection against these environmental stressors: UV radiation, insects, cold and pathogens.

It’s no secret that we’re head over heels for some of these chill beauty ingredients.

Rubus Chamaemorus
• A rare plant known as the ‘Royal Berry’ contains antioxidants, omega fatty acids, UV light protection and cell membrane-strengthening phytosterols.

Juniper Sprout
Juniperus Communis
• Known to withstand even the darkest and coldest Arctic winters, the juniper sprout and its oil extract has proven antibacterial properties and many moisturizing benefits.

Ribes Nigrum
• A major component of the blackcurrant is its richness in fatty acids, which are necessary for the function of skin cells. It also helps soothe super dry skin and eczema.

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