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By Rona Berg / August 31, 2012

Once you discover Loup Charmant (“charming wolf”), you will want to add Kee Edwards’ designs to your wardrobe every season. And now you can, with the launch of the first Loup Charmant winter collection.

Understated and luxurious, the clothes are made from all-natural fibers: organic cotton, silk, and wool. They have a weightless quality that caresses the body like a gentle sea breeze, which is what you might expect from a designer who grew up along the beach in South Carolina. Edwards’ family has a beach house on a remote island only eight miles long, where they spend summers surrounded by water. “Water is the most soothing force on the planet,” she says. “Every time I look into the sea I see myself.”

“I love it when a piece is ageless, timeless, beyond trend and works for any woman. I want things to last.”

Edwards was working in the fashion industry when she decided to move into organic fashion. She was already living a green lifestyle, eating organic since her early 20s, and vegetarian for 17 years. The decision made sense. “You can’t compartmentalize consciousness,” says Edwards. “Cotton uses the most pesticides of any agricultural product on the planet,” she continues. “If you don’t need to use that, why would you?”

In 2005 she went searching for organic cotton that met her high standards. When she finally found it, those farms were shutting down as the demand for their product was low. Loup Charmant kept them from going out of business and the company now works with them exclusively. Raw fiber is brought in from India and hand-milled in the United States, “a real artisanal product,” she says. Clothes are made in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The facility is geo-thermally powered by Red Hook Green Power, which is working on building the first windmill in New York City.

Organic slips, bloomers, camisoles, tops, and versatile resort pieces are still the sought-after cult favorites, featured at retailers like Barneys. The fine organic cotton she features in her designs softens over time, “like a favorite pair of jeans,” she says. “I’m all about texture and how it feels. And it’s got to feel great.”

“The cotton has an heirloom quality that is so airy it feels like vacation to me,” she says. That is how the line started—with easy pieces that layer beautifully for travel, beach, resort and spa. Loup Charmant is a reflection of Edwards’ own lifestyle. With a wide smile and a Southern lilt, she mixes joie de vivre with wanderlust. Edwards is often traveling—especially to Paris—and loves open spaces and big skies in places like Tulum and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. “My clothes are made for travel. They roll up perfectly in a suitcase and they’re easy to throw on to go to dinner, to the market, to the beach.”

Loup Charmant’s first winter season features pieces that are as soft, beautiful, wearable and sustainable as the versatile summer collections. “I love pieces that are easy and open,” says Edwards. “It’s all about the silhouette: The cut, the drape, the shape,” she continues. “I love it when a piece is ageless, timeless, beyond trend and works for any woman. I want things to last.” 


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Rona Berg

Rona Berg

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