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A Sweet Stay

by Sandra Ramani

Best known as an annual vacation spot for generations of families, the island of Hilton Head, South Carolina, is also, to many, synonymous with wellness—thanks to the presence of Hilton Head Health. Since 1976, the renowned center (also known as H3) has helped countless guests find their paths to wellness with its all-inclusive retreats, which range from long weekends to several weeks, and focus on goals such as weight loss, fitness and overall health. The programs are immersive,
the guidance expert and the coastal setting idyllic, but guests often had one piece of feedback: the need for accommodations that were more convenient to the H3 campus, and that helped make the experience feel more like being at a hotel or resort.

This month, that request is being granted with the opening of the Sweetgrass Inn. A departure from the existing (and a bit dated) villa- style housing options, which have a shared-space setup best suited to

groups, the Inn has 30 individual guest rooms with king-size beds; and over half the rooms and suites have washers and dryers, a handy amenity to have when you’re active all day.

The Inn takes its name from the native grass found in the region, which has been used for centuries by the local Gullah people to weave baskets; some of these baskets, as well as other locally influenced art and décor, adorn the spaces. In between classes and workouts, spa treatments and healthy, delicious meals, guests can gather in the Inn’s lobby lounge or communal room for game and movie nights, and relax on the rocking chair-lined porch, overlooking the pool deck. While not a full-service hotel (housekeeping is limited, and meals are still taken at H3), the Inn offers a modern, comfortable place to relax while embarking on what just might be a life-changing journey.

—Sandra Ramani

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