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A Serene Summer

by Kristin Meekhof

Immersing yourself in the beauty of summer brings about an overall sense of wellness. If your holiday includes roaming around a gorgeous mountain resort or drinking your morning tea seaside, you’ll likely find yourself in a restful state. Making room for small, simple things this season will help you feel balanced.

However, maintaining a spirit of tranquility isn’t always easy, so if you feel anxious during your time away you’re not alone.

As a mental health expert and wellness coach, it isn’t unusual for clients to reach out to me during their vacation. After all, it can be difficult to mentally break away from the daily grind. One of the things that helps restore inner calm is to remember you can edit, update and change things along the way.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are suggestions for ways to decrease your summer anxiety.

Opt to tag along instead lead.
There’s an abundance of pressure when it comes to taking on leadership roles, both formal and informal, so give yourself permission to take a break this season. Letting someone else take the lead may seem awkward at first, but it can give you freedom to tend to other things.

Find small, simple things to do.
Sometimes an ambitious schedule of events can create stress. Instead of filling up the days with several activities, think about engaging in small, simple things. These experiences can be just as rich and fulfilling.

Embrace imperfection and celebrate the small wins.
During the summer season, it is easy for the inner-critic to emerge. Aiming for perfection puts unnecessary stress on yourself. What you may perceive as a flaw, others often fail to notice. Instead, celebrate the small wins, whether it is a meal you created or enjoying the beautiful weather.

Inhale calm.
Scents can transform your awareness into a state of calm. No matter where you are, give yourself the gift of scent, whether it be a favorite fragrance, a flower or an essential oil.

Repeat a mantra.
The words we choose to repeat are powerful, and the way we speak to ourselves matters. In the midst of angst, fear tends to override our confidence so selecting a soothing few words or a line from a song can help to transform your outlook.

Select a serene environment.
A sunny outlook is important for both mind and body. And it isn’t unusual to experience an emotional connection to your surroundings, so carefully select a place to spend your time, even if it is a special chair to sit on. You can add meaningful objects to uplift the space as well.

Take a mini-break.
Giving yourself a mini-break to settle your breath and take charge of your emotions can give you a sense of control. Even rolling your shoulders back and stretching your arms can soothe your body.

This season is the perfect time to take advantage of new experiences, and when you know how to help yourself, it will bring you peace of mind.

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