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By Myron Mariano / September 7, 2011

beauty finds

Beauty finds that are good for the mind and body:

Noah’s Naturals Anti-Aging Beauty Elixir

This 30-calorie drink is packed with a cocktail of anti-aging ingredients like goji berry, açai, lutein, lycopene, and blackberry. But really, what takes the cake is the fact that it tastes good. And in many ways, that is all that matters. $29.99 for a 30-day supply,

beauty finds

Clarins Gentle Beauty Soap

I’ve been a long-time follower of Clarins, and I’m pleased at the company’s move to greener offerings. This Ecocert-certified face and body soap is made with organic shea butter and hazelnut oil, and has a faint, yet pleasant, citrus scent. $15,

beauty findsSurya Brasil Organic Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer

I prefer washing with soap and water, but there certainly are occasions when having a bottle of hand sanitizer comes in handy. Unlike many of its type, this one did not leave my hands Sahara-dry. Certified organic by Ecocert. $4.99,

beauty finds

Aveda Green Science Replenishing Toner

Salicylic acid is an ingredient I look for in my face care products because I have very oily skin. (It helps regulate sebum production.) After washing, a couple of light swipes of the toner across my T-zone and I’m away. $39,

beauty finds

J.F. Lazartigue Pur Vegetal Leave-in Conditioner

For times I couldn’t be bothered to have any styling product on my hair, this 100 percent botanical conditioner does the trick. The hold is minimal, but it does have a nice scent that complements whatever fragrance I’m wearing. $48,

beauty findsWoodSprite Grapefruit-Mint Sea Salt Glow

There’s a spa I go to in New York where I always get the sea salt scrub, and quite frankly, I always come out a new man. Whenever I do not have the time for the treatment, however, I use WoodSprite’s fantastic scrub in the shower. (Nothing beats just lying down while someone does the elbow grease, but still….) $16,

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Myron Mariano

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