Rachel Avalon: A Model Spokeswoman

By Myron Mariano / September 7, 2011

Rachel Avalon

If there’s anything that Rachel Avalon took from her well-deserved win in 2009’s Project Green Search, it’s acknowledging that she must continue what she’s been doing for years: Introducing people to a more holistic, green lifestyle. Together with the people behind the campaign, she’s strengthening the vision of sustainable living.

One of the areas she focuses on is nutrition. The Original Avalon Cleanse that she started in 2001, is a detoxification program that focuses on the benefits of a plant-based diet. “It educates people where the toxins they want to rid their body of are coming from,” says Avalon. Another topic she’s passionate about is beauty—both inside and out. “A lot of people are eating organic food…but don’t realize that their personal-care products are also harming their health and the earth,” she says. “It’s a great topic because it influences what people should buy. I strongly believe that purchasing power is a serious tool for positive change.”

Opting for eco-resorts, recycling, and visiting organic farmer’s markets every weekend are commonplace activities for someone who has been living the lifestyle that Avalon espouses. Does it follow then that she gets mostly seasoned clients? Avalon replies on the contrary. “The majority are curious about holistic and green living, but haven’t implemented it yet,” she says. “I provide them not only with the eye-opening knowledge they need, but the strategies to ensure their success and fulfillment.”

She offers one simple piece of advice to anyone considering the switch to green: “Go for it!” “Living holistically and sustainably adds a kind of purpose and fulfillment to your life that’s beyond description,” she adds. The easiest way to start, she says, is to minimize petroleum consumption. “Water bottles, grocery bags, vehicle, and food choices…every area of our lives can be more holistic.”

Myron Mariano

Myron Mariano

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