A Good Filter is Hard to Find

By Kelsey Lyon / October 25, 2012

While most tap water is considered safe to drink by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it does contain trace amounts of the chlorine used to disinfect it, which enters our bodies when we drink it. And, showering in chlorinated water increases the oxidization of our skin which can accelerate wrinkling. Here are top filtering options:

Carbon filter. A good quality carbon filter will improve water taste and odor, and will remove most chlorine and other contaminants. gaiam.com 

Water softening and whole-home filtration. To soften your tap water (85 percent of Americans consider theirs to be too hard), use units like those sold by Pelican Water Systems. These salt-free softeners eliminate 100 percent of the water-waste salt brine units generate. Combined with a whole-house filter you’ll be chlorine-free in every tap. pelicanwater.com 

Tap-specific? For healthy water at a fraction of the cost, consider tap-specific filtration for kitchen and bath. gaiam.com 

On the go? Carry a filtering water bottle like those sold by Aqua Gear. Our favorite is the BPA-free stainless-steel tap water filter. goaquagear.com

Kelsey Lyon
Kelsey Lyon

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