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A Fine Mist

by Organic Spa Magazine

Refreshing spritzes and mists to keep skin feeling hydrated and refreshed

I keep a small bottle of mist (or spritz) on my desk at all times. It is not only refreshing, but it’s also really good for the skin. Some mists feature sea minerals, rose water, essential oils, antioxidants, aromatherapy benefits. The ones that win a spot next to my computer (and in my heart!) are usually those I’ve chosen because I like the smell—or lack of it.

Even though there are tangible benefits to spritzing (especially on a hot, humid day) in this case, my priority is sensory. An additional, tangible benefit: It’s great to carry a spritz on a plane. If the size is not TSA-compliant, you can purchase (or recycle) a smaller spray bottle and fill it. Before I leave for the airport, I always grab and go.

Spritzes can be sprayed directly onto the face or misted onto a cotton pad and applied to the face, like a toner. They dry quickly and leave skin feeling—and smelling!—fresh, soft and clean.

Sahara Rose Moroccan Rose Water
This soothing steam-distilled spritz comes from a brand that spotlights a range of organic ingredients like prickly pear seed oil, saffron, rhassoul clay, wild rose and neroli. From Morocco’s Oasis Valleys, it is perfect on its own, or can be mixed with clay for a hydrating mask. sahararose.com

Kahina Giving Beauty Moroccan Rose Water
Made with 100 percent organic steam-distilled Rosa Damascena from Morocco’s Valley of Roses, this lovely rose water spritz soothes and hydrates the skin, and envelops the senses. Spray on top of moisturizer or makeup for a dewy look, or simply refresh cleansed skin on its own. kahinagivingbeauty.com

Osea Sea Minerals Mist
With Dead Sea salt, aloe vera and organic seaweed from Patagonia, you’ll want to pop this in your purse and spritz on the go. Great for soothing normal, oily and combination skin, especially after sun exposure, mineral peptides remineralize the skin to replenish lost nutrients. oseamalibu.com

Eir Hydrating Face Mist
Brand new, this multipurpose aloe and rose-infused hydrating face mist, toner and sunscreen remover, with essential oils of jasmine and geranium, also features witch hazel, an astringent that balances oil and reduces inflammation. The zesty, zingy scent is bracing and energizing. eirnyc.com

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