A Blissful Facial Cosmetic Review

By Evelyn Theiss / September 14, 2011

Green Beauty Cosmetic Review

How often do you have a decadent experience that is also emotionally uplifting? And that makes your skin look radiant and more youthful, for more than one day? That’s the essence of what is provided by the luxurious Green Science Facial that is debuting at many Aveda concept salons around the country in recent months. The facial is part of the new Green Science anti-aging and skin-renewing system, and clearly its highlight.

For Sandy Borrelli, co-owner of the Bella Capelli Aveda Salon and Spa in Westlake, Ohio, the Green Science facial couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time. She’s in her 50s and recently completed a round of chemo for cancer treatment. She eschews any products or processes that might be remotely toxic (don’t even mention Botox); she also welcomes the respite of the soothing, nurturing experience this 90-minute facial offers.

It involves massage not just of the face, but the hands, arms, and upper body. “It’s made a huge difference in my skin,” she says. “Lines I have are so much less noticeable now. And the texture is so smooth. There’s a huge difference, and you feel wonderful.”

True enough. They call the massage you’re given in the Green Science facial “high-touch skin therapy;” having had it myself, I call it bliss.

Through that, and the application of the cleansing, mask, and moisturizing components, the skin is refined, nourished, and regenerated. And, in keeping with the Aveda green philosophy, all the products used get their power from plants (including cactus and lady’s thistle) and botanicals, not manmade chemicals. Ingredients in the skin care line incorporate, for example, argan oil from Morocco, which is touted for its moisturizing fatty acids. Argan oil comes from the fruit of the Argan tree, which is harvested by Berber women who gather the fallen fruit from the ground.

On the other side of the ocean, we reap a different kind of benefit. True, the first facial costs about $175, but trust us when we says that the time spent on relaxation and massage, not to mention the cleansing and creamy moisturizing, make that seem reasonable. Follow-up facials every few weeks for maintenance are less; there’s also a line of Green Science products to keep your skin firm and luminous at home.

The first facial offers a most relaxing kick-start to a process of skin rejuvenation that you, and those who look closely at you, will notice. (If that wasn’t reward enough, the Green Science line of face products that you use to maintain the radiance is manufactured using 100 percent wind power, and is packaged in recycled material.)

To experience the Green Science facial, check with your local Aveda salon and spa or go to www.aveda.com to find out more about it.

Evelyn Theiss

Evelyn Theiss

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