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7 Standout Menswear Brands From Capsule

by Myron Mariano

Capsule brings together the most progressive-thinking fashion aficionados from around the world each year. Here are a few of the standout brands at this year’s show in New York City


This California-based, cycling-lifestyle label came from a need for clothes that effortlessly go from work, to play and beyond. Taking already existing menswear staples, like zip jackets and button-front shirts, swrve reworks their construction to better fit a bike aficionado. This tweak can be as simple as adding a layer of water- and wind resistance, or slanting a pocket opening for easier access while seated.
These T-shirts are made of Modal fabric—100 percent natural and derived from beechwood trees. They also excel at sweat-wicking, odor-resisting and insulating. swrve.us

United by Blue

Hailing from the City of Brotherly Love, United by Blue is a five-year-old clothing brand born from a passion for the oceans. You can see this altruistic endeavor translate simply to their retail philosophy: For every item of clothing you purchase, a pound of trash is removed from oceans and waterways through clean-ups organized by the company.
Their collection is a healthy assortment of must-haves for every guy’s closet, but with a modern twist. The pair of coral shorts pictured, for instance, hit just above the knee and is cut a tad slimmer than typical department-store offerings. unitedbyblue.com

Juniper Ridge

Creators of what they call “wilderness perfume,” Juniper Ridge does away with synthetic fragrances in the manufacture of their products. Instead, they use old perfume-making techniques such as distillation, tincturing, infusion and enfleurage. The resulting aromas are evocative of what you’d smell while outdoors—camping, surfing or even just plain going out for a run.
Ten percent of the company’s annual profits are donated to wilderness groups. The organizations they support range from the preservation of California’s public lands to protecting 1 million acres of wilderness in Washington state. juniperridge.com


If you are looking for a pair of jeans that would last you a very long time, look no further than Selvadge. Their jeans are available in five different fits, and are devoid of whiskers, finishes and extraneous grommets. What you get is a pair of raw denim which starts off as stiff and rigid, but with prolonged wear would eventually mold to feel almost like second skin.
When you buy Selvadge jeans, you have the option of sending back an old pair using the same container your purchase came in, for recycling. selvadge.com

Brothers Artisan Oil

Brothers Artisan Oil believes that every man’s grooming routine should be as simple as possible, and their all-natural, paraben-free and handmade products are the embodiment of this belief. Whether you need to protect your skin, tame your hair or nourish the beard you’ve worked so hard to grow, these refreshing oils will do just the job. brothersartisanoil.com

Analog Watch Co.

These 80-percent-biodegradable watches do not log how many steps you’ve taken, dictate text messages or pay for your purchases. What it does do, however, is help you preserve our forests and mountain ranges, through their partnership with the non-profit organization Trees for the Future. For each Analog Watch Co. watch sold, the Philadelphia-based company will plant a tree. analogwatchco.com

Snow Peak

Minimalist, with the precise eye of Japanese workmanship, best describe Snow Peak’s clothes. This brand places a strong emphasis on high-quality products such as the pictured denim workwear shirt. It’s type of clothing that they hope you would pass on to the next generation like you would a vintage watch.
Snow Peak has been a member of The Conservation Alliance since 2003, and has been donating a part of their profits towards the preservation of the natural environment. snowpeak.com

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