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5 Tips To Curb Overeating with Dan Nguyen

by Organic Spa Magazine

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Since the official start of fall is around the corner, it’s vital not to lose the momentum gained in the summer for a healthy lifestyle. Temperatures will drop and opportunities for outdoor activities will lessen. But we can’t let that deter our commitment. LA-based certified trainer and fitness behavior expert Dan Nguyen shared his top five tips with Organic Spa Magazine on how to keep the mind focused on a healthy lifestyle.

Fall Focus

Start by creating a mental picture of yourself, the way you want to feel. Think about how you want to look in your Halloween costume, dress, party outfit or while on vacation. Use these thoughts as inspiration and motivation to stay on track.

Envision Healthy Eating

Imagine no longer fitting into your clothes, after losing motivation. Then, envision what that would feel like—the disappointment, the frustration—and while meditating on this, periodically squeeze your wrist. The tightening of your clothes is like the tightness you create on your wrist. Now, when you are at the dinner table, you have a real-world, physical body sensation you can use to alert yourself that it’s time to curb your eating.

Have a Daily Reminder

Choose a meaningful piece of jewelry, like a pendant or ring, and use it to create a reminder of your commitment to weight loss and a healthy body. Then, focus on how you would like to feel at your healthiest. What would your fittest, healthiest body look like? What would it feel like to have that body? Touch your reminder throughout this meditation and it will become a touchstone for your commitment to health.

Maintain Mindful Eating

Being fully present can help you eat consciously and thoughtfully. Chew your food slowly. Notice how the food tastes. Be aware of what a healthy amount of food would look like on your plate and pay attention to your intake.

Break Bad Patterns Now

Break unhealthy choices, like dessert after every meal, now. Take advantage of fall foliage and go for a post-dinner walk instead.



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