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5 Tips for Sacred Spaces with Susie Frazier

by Organic Spa Magazine

Organic Spa Magazine asked pioneering artist and designer Susie Frazier to share tips for decluttering home spaces and adding an earth-minded inspiration to every room. Here are some of her favorites.

Frazier knows there’s nothing like taking a brisk autumn walk to clear the mind and restore body and soul. Bringing some elements of nature into our homes can create a similar effect.

Simplify Your Space: Too many things and furniture that is over-sized makes spaces feel cramped. Plus, the overuse of decorative accents can create a cluttered feeling. To remedy the problem, incorporate items that are appropriately sized for the room, display only a few objects on shelves or tables and hang only a few pictures.

Inspiration from the Source: Use the fun textures and uniquely patterned scarves in your closet as table runners. “Sometimes our personal closet can be a source of great inspiration when decorating our homes,” says Frazier. “Next time you’re looking for a new table display idea, don’t forget that the textiles you may wear as wraps or scarves can often become fantastic table runners.”

Air Plants: “Get yourself some air plants, or aerophytes as they are sometimes called, and an asymmetrical piece of live edge wood. Quite possibly the coolest plant species around, air plants acquire all their nutrients from the air, so they don’t have typical potting requirements.” Drill small holes into the wood and place the stem into the holes. If your home is dry, water the plants every few weeks.

Industrial Allure: Install a steel wall to add an industrial feel to your living space. It also creates a versatile area for magnetic displays. Scrap-metal panels also make unique textural surfaces, adding an interesting flair.

Woodsy Displays: While on a walk or hike, find a large log with a crack across the top that is wide enough to insert photos. (If you can’t find a log with a crack, you can create one with a table saw.) Place the log on a mantel or table, then insert your favorite images into the crack for a unique display.

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