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2016 Oscars: How to Get Brie Larson's Luxe Look

by Karim Orange

This year's Academy Awards hosted many surprises. From the hashtag around the web to boycott the event (#OscarsSoWhite), to the moment when Sly Stallone lost to Mark Rylance for Best Supporting Male Actor. There were many circumstances that left a lot of us speechless. If you didn't catch hosts Chris Rock's opening monologue, I suggest you do so on You Tube. Now that we have covered all the tabloid and news-worthy points of the event, let's talk beauty!

The winner at the Oscars was pulled-back hair, from the always fabulous presenter Kerry Washington, to Best Actress in a Leading Role winner Brie Larson. We saw quite a few celebs last night sporting this classic and easy style.

Brie Larson

The key to Brie's stunning look is glowing skin (and that drop-dead smile!) If you have an event coming up, start prepping your skin two days prior. Drink lots of water, and include more healthy fats in your diet such as avocado and coconut oil.

I can't stress the point enough, if you want glowing skin you must first get rid of the dead skin that hides it. Start with your favorite light exfoliant and start polishing. If you're going to wear a dress that shows your skin like Brie's, don't forget a sugar or salt scrub, followed by a light oil. After you exfoliate, try a moisture mask, followed by a serum and or moisturizer. Repeat these steps for two nights prior to your big event. It's also best to apply moisturizer 30 minutes or more before applying your foundation.

Foundation should be liquid to show off your glowing skin, with very subtle blush. Brie's brows are not too arched, yet very full and still groomed. A great way to emphasis this look is by going natural with eye shadow. You really don't need to apply any at all. The drama is going to come from a very, very black liner with jet black mascara. Finish with a berry-toned lip (which I like to call berry strong), and you are all set.

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