10 Swim Shorts to Wear all Summer Long

By Myron Mariano / July 28, 2017

If there's anything that you need to do in the next two months, it's to enjoy the pleasures of the water, be it the beach, your backyard pool, or the lake. The only uniform you need is one of these eco shorts, and swim away!

Equator; $69; vuoriclothing.com

Marstrand; $60; hellyhansen.com

Riverbed; $68; unitedbyblue.com

Cetacean; $69; toadandco.com

Everyday Blocked Vee; $55; quiksilver.com

First Light; $68; greenlines.com

Merrit; $69; prana.com

Wavefarer; $69; patagonia.com

Namaste; $78; lululemon.com

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Myron Mariano

Myron Mariano

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