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Design Innovators

By Jennie Nunn / April 29, 2014

These designers take sustainability so seriously, they have devoted their lives—and their designs—to it Flooring Innovator: Flor Tiles, eco-friendly, modular rug systems; Greg Colando, president Home Base: Chicago, Illinois Standouts: “Lasting Grateness,” our take on a fanciful grillwork pattern in tight-loop fibers that can transcend with a bold statement; “Vintage Vibe,” a modern take on […]


Eco Bedding: A Peaceful Sleep

By Lambeth Hochwald / April 28, 2014

Eco Bedding: The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Bedding There’s something supremely reassuring about climbing between the sheets at an eco-spa or a hotel and breathing a sigh of relief at bedding that feels cleaner and healthier, somehow, than ones you’d find on the shelves at a big-box store. But this experience doesn’t have to be limited […]


Think Local: Sustainable Furniture for Urban Homes

By Elke Erschfeld / February 5, 2014

Over the last few months I have been on the hunt for eco-friendly furniture since I just moved into a new home. It’s a loft-type space with high ceilings, and I needed some tall modular bookshelves and a media console. My search led me to urbangreen, a home furnishings manufacturer based in Brooklyn, which uses […]