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Beauty News August 2014

By Organic Spa Magazine / July 2, 2014

Launches We Love! Banish Bugs Some of us are just bug magnets. What if we could pop a pill to keep bugs at bay? With the launch of Mozi-Q, the first homeopathic bug repellent, you can chew on a tablet and, 30 minutes later, mosquitoes, flies, even head lice and ticks, will stay away. $25; […]


A Health Innovator

By Kelsey Lyon / July 1, 2014

The back story behind a health innovator for alternative medicine In the 1950s, before there was an alternative or complementary health field, Ann Wigmore was shaken by words from a Harvard oncologist that predicted her demise. Her childhood in an Eastern European village as a granddaughter of the local doctor afforded her a privileged education in […]