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East Meets West Indies at The BodyHoliday

By Kristin Vukovic / February 17, 2015

For a taste of the East in the Caribbean, head to The BodyHoliday for Ayurveda-inspired mind/body healing treatments led by experts from India. Ayurveda, the 5,000-year-old “science of life,” teaches that all life forms contain five essential elements: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. These elements manifest in the body as “dosha” types: Vata, Pitta […]


Paradise Found

By Organic Spa Magazine / March 4, 2014

Alexander Hamilton was born on Nevis, to a mother from neighboring St. Croix. The name Nevis comes from Christopher Columbus, who mistook the ethereal cloud-covering on Nevis Peak for “nieves,” or “snow” in Spanish. This beautiful island is one of the most pristine in the Caribbean. It not only features a rich history and an […]