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March 26, 2014 Eight Outrigger Hotels and Resorts have dedicated serious efforts to improving the planet. In 2013, they collected more than 27 tons of recyclable plastic bottles and aluminum cans from guest rooms, marking the success of their 2006 decision to encourage visitors to leave bottles and cans in designated bins for recycling purposes.

“Giving back to the community and helping to keep our island home unmarked by pollution are tremendously important to Outrigger Hotels and Resorts,” says Alan Naito, general manager of the OHANA Waikiki East, an Outrigger Hotel, who oversees the company’s recycling program in Waikiki. “One of our core corporate values is ‘wahi,’ the Hawaiian word meaning ‘place,’ which states ‘we protect, care for and live in harmony with the land, our workplace, its people and cultures.’ Outrigger’s recycling program is just one example of our company’s and employees’ commitment to living our values and being contributing members of both our island home as well as the larger global community.”

No kidding—with the recyclables collected in 2013, the company was able to raise more than $27,000 for PACT, a Hawaiian nonprofit that offers social services to families in need. OHANA Waikiki East is joined by Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach, Outrigger Reef on the Beach, Outrigger Luana Waikiki, OHANA Waikiki East, OHANA Waikiki West, OHANA Wakiki Malia, Embassy Suites-Waikiki Beach Walk and Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber in recycling with a conscience and inspiring visitors worldwide.

Planning to hit the beach? Try Working Out on Water with new trends stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and SUP yoga.


March 10, 2014 Since 2007, TerraCycle has used innovative processes to recycle consumer packaging waste that would otherwise be destined for landfills. Now they are honing in on the world of beauty. Professionals in the industry regularly transform clients, but now they can transform their businesses into a zero-waste establishment.

By joining the Zero Waste program from recycling pioneer TerraCycle, salon owners can collect and recycle everything from empty product tubes and bottles, old brushes and combs, latex gloves and even human hair. This is a great way for green-minded spas and salons to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace, and TerraCycle makes it easy by offering two primary services: the Personal Care and Beauty Brigade, free thanks to Garnier’s sponsorship, and Zero Waste Boxes, which offer spas and salons more flexibility in what they discard.

Zero Waste boxes can be purchased beginning at $27.70 at Once the box is filled, it can be shipped back to TerraCycle to be recycled.

Find out how other companies are recycling inventively with Earth Day Month, a feature from OSM‘s Eco-Spa & Travel edition.


February 13, 2014 What do Nike, 50 Cent and the Marine Corps have in common? According to executive coach and consultant Dr. Stephen Josephs: meditation. In his new book, Dragons at Work (Tao Alchemical Press), Dr. Josephs explains the benefits of meditation and offers tips for business leaders. Here are three of his go-to recommendations:

1. If you’re faced with what looks like an enticing opportunity, don’t just do something. Sit there. Breathe quietly. Sometimes, your intuition knows something that your logical mind does not.
2. Pay attention to what your body is telling you; you may be expressing signals that your logical mind is slow to notice.
3. Meditation develops emotional balance and a better business mind.

To discover how you can increase business acumen by practicing daily meditation, find Dragons at Work on Amazon. Afterwards, learn how to love your enemies for even deeper understanding, with Master Class.

Dr. Josephs, Ed. D, has more than 30 years experience as an executive coach and consultant, and focuses on business performance, psychology and mind/body disciplines.


February 3, 2014 Wisconsin- and Illinois-based Kohler Waters Spa has launched two treatments: the Detox De’lite and S’more Please Pedicure. The Spa, which makes sure to channel water from pools, treatments and showers back into their filtration center for recycling, meticulously created these experiences to cater to guests’ personalized needs and desires.

Director of Wellness Jean Kolb says, “The word ‘delight’ is deliberate in the name of this treatment, as there are so many surprises that will truly delight our guests—from the unique combinations of aromatherapies, such as peppermint and cinnamon, to the hot/cold stone massage and the pressure point massage techniques. It is not your typical detox treatment. It totally wows every sense you have!”

The Detox De’lite is an 80-minute service that boosts immunity and metabolism using dry brushing, body massage and pressure point therapy. The S’more Please is 50 minutes, and features a sweet cream exfoliant, chocolate softening serum and a chocolate body butter foot and leg massage.

Visit for more information, and then head home for a delightful, do-it-yourself Matcha Face Mask.


January 27, 2014 SpaRitual, an environmentally-focused company that produces spa treatments for the hands, body and feet, has partnered with the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills for the Awards Season. The focus? Nail polish to reflect the allure of the silver screen, multi-platinum records, Golden Globes and more.

The collection, suitably named The Award Season Nail Lacquer Collection by SpaRitual, retails at $16, and is available from at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills. “The collection features shades inspired by the magic hour and glamour of the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammys, Oscars and Emmys,” explains Shel Pink, SpaRitual founder. “We are thrilled to partner with the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills to launch this exclusive collection.”

After dazzling up and walking that red carpet, meditate on the “States of Slow Beauty“—a movement embodied by SpaRitual:

Close your eyes,
Look inside,
Find your instinctual self,
Be infinitely loving

…and come home to something soothing—may we suggest The Beauty of Tea?


January 20, 2014 If you’re as impressed with TED speakers as we are, you might have already heard of—or watched—Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo, best-selling author of A Happy You: Your Ultimate Prescription for Happiness (for purchase here). You can visit to learn more about Dr. Lombardo’s new projects, partnerships and helpful pointers, but first check out some tips on avoiding stress that Dr. Lombardo shared with Organic Spa Magazine. She describes stress as the tendency to “replay over and over again what happened in the past and worry about what might happen in the future. To deal with stress, we ironically make things worse.” How to deal?

1. Stop being perfect.
2. Tackle one WANT at a time with just one small simple start. (Set reasonable goals.)
3. Eat right.
4. Use “failures” as “data”: Rather than beat yourself up when you go back to your old habits, look at why it happened.

Watch Dr. Lombardo speak at TEDx here. Then, from our most recent issue, find out how to harness The Power of Intention to meet your goals.


January 16, 2014 We love wellness centers and spa getaways, but what to do when we can’t get away? Enter the infrared sauna. Designed for spa and home use, infrared home saunas provide the amenities of a full-service sauna in the comfort of your own home.

They’ve become so popular because they are instrumental in helping us take charge of our own well being. Jacqueline Jacob at Clearlight Saunas explains, “We’ve all experienced the limitations of our medical system and all the side effects of pharmaceuticals, and now people are choosing to proactively take care of their bodies and find natural means to improve their health.”

Clearlight Infrared Saunas ( is one of the only companies in the industry to use eco-certified sustainably harvested wood and offer a complete Lifetime Warranty for all sauna components. Plus, Heal with Heat is currently offering free shipping to the continental U.S. along with a special gift that can be used during sauna sessions.

If spa travel is in your plans, make sure to sit down with Organic Spa Magazine‘s To The Manor Born—hot off the press from our February issue!


December 17, 2013 The Spa at Bedford Lodge Hotel, in charming Suffolk, UK, has announced an hour-long spa session that focuses on burning candles. The rub? Candle wax is used in massage. Patrons will be subject to the calming and luxurious presence of almond oil, coconut oil and shea butter that is infused in Bedford’s candle wax itself.

“It is a beautiful treatment for a dry, cold winter skin,” promises Anna Ramsay, Spa Manager. “The heat gives clients a lovely sense of well being, and the candle that is chosen for the clients—out of a possible four—will balance the mind and energy as well.”

Participants have a choice of enjoying the Candle Ritual for an hour or 90 minutes. So, if a warm, soothing massage is on your menu this holiday season, it might be a good idea to check into Bedford Lodge and breathe easy.

Also, peruse Organic Spa’s Gift Guide for the Entertainer, which includes an array of inventive candles by Volcanica.


December 6, 2013 Rancho La Puerta is an old friend to Organic Spa Magazine, so it was no surprise to us when the legendary spa announced Employee Wellness, a program flanked by dedicated medical professionals, health workshops and lifestyle training, for the entire staff at the Ranch. After all, Rancho La Puerta was founded on the principles of inspiring guests and creating healthy living practices, so why not start from the inside and work out?

Complimentary physical exams are given to employees every six months, and, so far, the Employee Wellness program can boast the loss of 1,700 combined pounds and a 4 percent body-fat reduction per participant. Plus, nearby cities and businesses have taken note of the Ranch’s efforts and have begun to follow suit.

What sparked a program so dedicated to universal wellness? “With new statistics showing Mexico to be the most overweight country in the world, we see this program as part of our social responsibility, not only to our employees, but to the entire Baja region as we all strive for health and wellness through a balance of mind, body and spirit,” states Roberto Arjona, Chief Executive at Rancho La Puerta.

Talk about commitment! Find out more about awe-inspiring Rancho La Puerta and its founder, Deborah Szekely, in Organic Spa’s comprehensive feature.

Courtesy of freedigitalphotos.netANOTHER HEALTHCARE SURPRISE!

December 3, 2013 Find out why young people are turning to when it comes to well-rounded healthcare options.

According to a report by Vitals, a company that provides online information about the cost and quality of medical care, young people are turning to urgent care and retail health clinics for complementary care. In fact, younger adults are twice as likely to utilize alternative care facilities as compared to adults over 50.

“For a long time health care and wellness were two separate entities,” says Mitch Rothschild, CEO of Vitals. “Doctors were focused on fixing ailments with medicines and tests, instead of prescribing lifestyle and behavioral changes as preventive measures. With changes in the healthcare system moving from a volume-based to a value-based system, doctors are being incentivized to help their patients achieve health through diet, fitness, meditation and other wellness activities. So now exercise and healthy eating are becoming the new ‘medicines,’ which is good for both the healthcare system and more importantly the health of the patient.”

For more information—whether you’re searching for a doctor, supplementing your existing healthcare or looking for discussions on key health-related topics—check out the Vitals website.

Afterwards, for a bit of healthcare-at-home, sit down with a star and glean some wisdom from “Healthy Living with Daphne Oz.”

black friday spa specials_11-25SPA WISDOM FOR BLACK FRIDAY

November 25, 2013 Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer miraculous deals, but they can pull you away from a focus on things that truly make the holiday season wonderful. Forget the mob scene and honor annual savings with a dose of care and wellness. This Friday and Monday, there will be major discounts on spa services to bring some calm to an otherwise overwhelming shopping weekend.

Lynne McNees, President of the International SPA Association (ISPA), explains why spas are using “spending holidays” to focus on gift services: “The gift of relaxation is something everyone on your list can benefit from,” says McNees. “We are more stressed out than ever before, and in fact, the spa industry has continued to see growth in dollars spent, because we know the number one reason people go to a spa worldwide is to learn how to manage their stress. We have also seen spas creating unique packages for target groups—everything from whiskey facials for guys to sessions targeted towards teaching teens how to care for their skin. It is about getting these individuals into the spas to experience a treatment, and what better way to do so, than to offer an incentive during the holiday season?”

The following spas and resorts have announced discounted services on Black Friday: Grand Velas Riviera Maya, Skana Spa, The Spa at Four Seasons Maui, Sundara Inn & Spa, and Remède Spa at the St. Regis Aspen Resort.

Check in with your local spa for more discounts and deals! And after swapping out stressful shopping for relaxation, meditate on how Organic Spa Magazine brings the spa home.

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November 18, 2013 Attention, sleep-deprived spa-goers! Help is on the way. Miraval Resort & Spa in Tucson, AZ, just installed Definity Digital Good Night LED light bulbs in each of the Spa’s 116 guest rooms. Together with Miraval’s sleep-centric new programming, which began November 1, this move really underscores the Spa’s commitment to good sleep habits as a component of holistic wellness.

How does the Definity bulb work? Sheryl Brooks, R.N., N.C.M.P. at Miraval explains: “Scientists have found that exposure to blue light—typically associated with artificial light—negatively impacts our body’s ability to fall asleep. As use of television, computers, tablets and smartphones continues to rise, so does our exposure to the disturbing light. Miraval’s new Definity Digital Good Night LED light bulbs decrease the level of blue light emissions without compromising quality of light.” Visit Miraval to experience Definity light, or purchase your own bulbs at Raindance, the Spa’s exclusive gift shop.

Read more about Miraval’s devotion to mindful living and green initiatives in the Organic Spa Magazine article, “A Spa in Balance.”

01 Golden Doors


November 4, 2013 Taking charge of your health and wellness can be confusing, especially since we are inundated with conflicting news and information every day. To alleviate this stress for guests, Golden Door Spa has formulated PATH, the Professional Advisory Team on Health. “The combined knowledge of our high-caliber team will provide our guests with the best possible nutritional guidance as well as advice on heart health, beauty, fitness and overall wellness,” explains Kathy Van Ness, COO and General Manager. The Advisory Team, made up of authors, doctors, PhDs and more, including Joy Bauer of NBC’s TODAY show and chef Deborah Madison, will work with Susan Piergeorge, the Spa’s dietition and nutritionist. Golden Door is already known for its personalized guest programs, but this addition is sure to take the Spa to the next level.

For more information on Golden Door Spa, click here to read our feature on founder (and “Mother of Wellness”) Deborah Szekely.

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October 28, 2013 Outlining three instrumental steps, Jayson and Mira Calton’s book Naked Calories staves off cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, low energy, stress and poor sleep. It all began when, over the course of seven years, nutritionalist Jayson Calton, PhD, FAAIM, CISSN, CMS, partnered with Mira Calton, CN, FAAIM, CMS, to travel to over 135 countries in search of osteoporosis-preventative lifestyles. The husband-and-wife duo is just in time for World Osteoporosis Day (October 20) with their instructional how-to, which emphasizes what they call “the most widespread and dangerous health condition of the 21st century”: micronutrient deficiency. Surprise, surprise, these essential vitamins, minerals and fatty acids are essential to our well-being, and by (1) switching to rich food, (2) driving down depletion and (3) learning your ABCs, you could be on your way to living a healthier, osteoporosis-free life.

For a micronutrient feast, check out David Wolfe’s Superfood Smoothie, powered by the one and only Nutribullet.


October 28, 2013 The Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has verified what we’ve all known for years: Vegetarians and vegans eat right. Not only that, but previous areas of concern about a meatless diet, such as deficiencies in key nutrients and vitamins, are now being refuted. Modern-day vegetarians aren’t falling behind when it comes to nutrition, and, according to a new study conducted at Loma Linda University, in California, it seems they are getting ahead when it comes to slimming down. The study found that 70,000 participants had the same amount of energy intake per day—regardless of dietary preference (perhaps disproving yet another prejudice against vegetarians, that they can never be satiated). Further, vegetarians and vegans weighed in at a lower BMI index overall. “There was a clear association between higher proportions of obesity, higher BMI averages, and dietary patterns characterized by progressively higher intakes of meat and dairy products,” said the study’s first author, Nico Rizzo, Med. Dr., Ph.D. It might be time to try a green meal on for size.

How about Tofu Caprese with Heirloom Tomatoes and Basil-Infused Olive Oil? Inspired by our interview with Debi Mazar, this recipe is sure to satisfy even the most tentative tasters.