The Body Beautiful

We can all use a little help to ease the transition into spring and slough off our winter beauty baggage. “Spring is the season of renewal, when we look to rid ourselves of dry winter skin and prepare for summer,” says Libby Staples, executive spa director for the Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire. Here are some of our top picks for your spring beauty re-boot!


Suki Exfoliate Foaming Body Cleanser  $34.95; 

A whiff of heady lemongrass essential oil will take you on an olfactory journey to Thailand. Lemongrass, an antibacterial and antimicrobial, also helps decongest pores, clears up breakouts, and softens elbows and knees.


Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel $60;

Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, this go-to gel soothes irritated, itchy, rashy skin. It’s great after waxing or shaving; removes the itch from insect bites; and takes down blemishes virtually overnight.


Acure Organics Leave-In Conditioner Argan Oil + Argan Stem Cell $9.99; 

When the weather warms up, or you’re traveling through time zones, even straight hair can frizz. A spray of this weightless, argan-enriched, leave-in conditioner once a day keeps hair full of body without frizz.


Bite Beauty Superfruit Butter $18; 

A pretty little pot of organic plant butters and oils–shea, jojoba–with a dollop of superfruits such as pomegranate and blueberry keeps lips looking good. No smell, no color, just the idea that whatever you put on your lips should be good enough to eat.


Shir-Organic Pure Green Tea Toner $28;

Few ingredients calm blemish-prone skin and take down inflammation like green tea. This new antioxidant toner removes sweat and surface oil, soothes dehydrated skin, and leaves your face feeling 100 percent refreshed!


Naturopathica Sicilian Bergamot Body Lotion $26; 

Lightweight and loaded with nourishing aloe to bind in moisture while channeling the Sicilian countryside with its fragrant blend of Italian bergamot and clementine.


True Natural All Natural Self Tanner $17.99; 

Jump-start your tan with the first USDA 100 Percent Certified Bio-based self-tanner on the market. Ingredients from fruit and vegetable sugars work with amino acids in your skin for natural color.