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by Mary Tjotjos


Matthas over 25 years experience working for global corporate businesses in a wide range of senior and Executive Leadership roles, covering Training, Accounting, Sales, Account Management, Marketing, Technology, Personal Development and Project Management. Working across markets in Europe, Middle East, Africa and the USA. In 2016 following a personal mental health challenge Matt changed his focus and committed to helping others who are struggling with the demands of the world, Simpila was born. Simpila is dedicated to making a difference in the world, and enhancing the awareness, education and support for mental health across companies and society. In 2017 working with friends in their company Happiful , Matt was the publisher of Happiful Magazine, the first magazine devoted to promoting positive mental health.  The magazine now has in excess of 100,000 subscribers. Matt has been invited to speak at many global conferences and events on Mental Health, Traveller, Wellbeing and Being Human.  In October 2019 Matt delivered a TedX talk on #24HourHumans. In 2020, Matt was recognized by Buying Business Travel Magazine Hotlist 2020 as a Global Influencer, along side major travel suppliers and Greta Thunberg, focusing his energy to support the impact business travel can have on mental wellbeing. Matt is also the co-founder of the Global Business Travel Wellbeing Community. Matt has many roles and is a mental health trainer, champion and Consultant, Samaritan volunteer, husband, father of 2 daughters, (amateur) golfer and chief dog walker!  One thing that Matt always guarantees is that he will be genuine and authentic in everything he does to help others.