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by Mary Tjotjos

Mary Beth Janssen, President of the Janssen Source

Mary Beth Janssen is a highly respected wellness and beauty educator who teaches experiential mind-body health, sustainability and organic lifestyle seminars, workshops, and retreats. She speaks at prestigious events worldwide–and has shared the same stage with the likes of Dr. mhernet Oz, Bob Greene, and Suze Orman, amongst others. She's a certified Mindbody health/Ayurveda educator for the Chopra Center for Well-Being—personally trained by Deepak ChopraM.D. and partner David Simon M.D. She's also a licensed massage therapist, aromatherapist, herbalist, master gardener, and a registered yoga teacher (through the yoga alliance). Mary Beth is faculty for a college-level Green Certificate Program for Adults, that has now been running successfully for three years . Mary Beth writes the "Ask the Organic Beauty Expert" Column for Organic Spa Magazine and has authored six books, Including her most recent: Pleasure Healing: Mindful Practices and Sacred Spa Rituals for Self Nurturing (New Harbinger). She has been intimately involved with the development and launch of several health and organic-focused beauty companies. Mary Beth serves clients in both health care and spa realms—and can just as readily be found teaching medical professionals (at institutions like Rush University Hospital, Edwards Hospital, and Advocate Health Care Systems) the concepts of MindBody health and sustainability as those in the beauty profession. She also serves the corporate world through Unity Wellness Group. Mary Beth and her husband, James (a classically trained French chef), enjoy tooling around in their organic gardens, enjoying its bountiful harvest. Mary Beth and her German Shepard Hogan are  a trained therapy dog team. She's a trained hospice volunteer, and believes strongly in the idea of having a "good" and "eco" death. A deep ecologist , and organic activist and through and through, mMary Beth serves on the board of Biovision2020, an organization devoted to safe food for one and all. Mary Beth is the proud recipient of both the L.E.O and Rocco Bellino awards for excellence in education.