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by Mary Tjotjos

Maggy Dunphy, SOS Project

I grew up in a family of seven children. Believe it or not – I was quite the tomboy – most certainly not a spa girl. And each and every day I had one goal – to beat the boys in everything. And I usually did. It wasn’t very helpful in my teenage years as I was concerned more with beating the boys, than kissing them. Sports became an outlet for me and I attribute my drive for perfection, ambition to win, passion for excellence, and my unique leadership style on the coaches and athletes that believed in me and taught me the principles of teamwork.  I began my career in hospitality as a massage therapist in Vail, escaping the East Coast and management responsibilities to become a free spirit therapist in the mountains of Colorado. That didn’t last long as leading people was in my blood. I was in the right place at the right time – and have grown up in the spa industry My first Spa Director job paid me a whopping $14,000, but I received a small commission on every treatment performed. I turned a janitor closet into a massage room, so we wouldn’t turn away the business. It was definitely not about the “experience” in those days. So much has changed in the spa industry and I am blessed to have grown up with Destination Hotels as my “bus driver”. I knew I was on the right bus! So when I am not working, I love to play – anything. Preferable using the large muscle groups of my body, but I also love board games and reading – and I hope to learn how to knit someday.... While riding a spin bike, of course. I have completed two Ironman Competitions – and I have one more left in me to complete in the near future. My dad is my mentor, my friend, and my inspiration. He continues to teach me the importance of values, trust, and courage. He taught me to believe in myself – and to challenge people to be the best they can be. He taught me that you don’t always need to be in charge and in control – and to allow others to help you grow. His most important bit of advice has always been, “All you can do is what comes next.” My personal mission statement for life is to add value to the people and businesses I serve.