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by Mary Tjotjos

Karina Stewart

Karina Stewart, a Princeton Graduate and Master of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (MATCM), grew up in Mexico until the age of 15 when her family moved to San Antonio in Texas. Her interest in meditation and Asian spiritual Philosophies started at a young age, influenced by her mother’s interest in natural healing, yoga and spirituality. She went to Princeton University to achieve a B.A. in Cultural Anthropology and Asian religions. While completing her university degree, she decided to take a sabbatical to immerse herself in a meditation
retreat in the Himalayas with a renowned master where she met her future husband John. Her passion for health brought her to California’s Yo San University where she gained her TCM Master’s degree. Karina brings over 40 years of experience in the study and practice of diverse Asian healing and spiritual traditions including training in western traditions such as Hellerwork and Cranial-Sacral Manipulation. A lifetime dedicated to the study of health, healing and human nature has enriched Karina’s
understanding and philosophy of health and happiness and her passion is contagious. Prior to Kamalaya, Karina founded a health centre in Kathmandu, Nepal, where for seven years she practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine and created a range of Chinese herbal products. Later she collaborated on a detoxification research project in California with Dr. Dahlgren, a UCLA professor and renowned environmental toxicologist, and Dr. Maoshing Ni, co-founder of Yo San University and
Traditions of Tao. Karina’s vision is the foundation of Kamalaya’s Wellness philosophy, concept and approach to health and healing, and she is the creator of the integral wellness programs that aim to access the inner healing power within each individual and enhance the harmonious integration of heart, body, mind, and spirit.