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March 2013
Green blueprint turns Rocky River house into eco-smart home

Photography by Ricky Rhodes

Photography by Ricky Rhodes

When you are the publisher of a magazine promoting green and organic lifestyles and you have the chance to renovate a home to fit that lifestyle — well, the bar is set a little higher.

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February 2013
Rainforest Relief


Chris Noth with Organic Spa Magazine Editor-in-Chief Rona Berg. Photo by Nuri Daynish

Organic Spa Magazine was asked to donate magazines for a benefit for Rainforest Action Network (, organized by actor Chris Noth, at the Cutting Room in New York City. The event brought together celebrities, eco-glitterati, musicians, concerned citizens and long-time supporters to help save rain forests, fight climate change, support the rights of indigenous peoples and encourage corporations to clean up toxic dumping in the Amazon and change policies regarding paper and palm oil.


Chris Noth and Whoopi Goldberg. Photography by Nuri Daynish

Chris Noth, star of The Good Wife and Sex in the City, has been a rain forest defender for over 20 years. “I am a country boy. I love nature. And I hate to see it being destroyed,” Noth told Organic Spa Magazine. “It’s a question of consciousness,” he says. “We need to adjust on a bigger level, and get the point across that we need a radical transformation toward green energy.”

Whoopi Goldberg told us: “I don’t always wait to be green. Sometimes it’s a pain in the butt,” she says. “But there are things you can do. You just need to re-train yourself. Craziness is happening, with global warming. The younger generation is already on top of it. But we need to remind ourselves not to be lazy.” Especially when you consider what is at stake.

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November 2012
Rona Berg Creating Major Impact as Editor in Chief at Organic Spa Magazine

After only five months with Organic Spa Magazine, Rona Berg, who went from Executive Editor to Editor in Chief in less than two months, has certainly had some significant impact. Subscriptions are on the rise, digital media traffic has doubled and the buzz continues to grow on OSM’s social media sites.
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September 2012
Editor-in-Chief Rona Berg Talks about Honey’s Skin Care Powers

July 2012
CEO & Publisher, Beverly Maloney-Fischback on WKYC’s Good Company with Summer’s Hot Skin Care Ingredients

July 2012
Editor-in-Chief Rona Berg contributes a chapter to the e-book “Why Go Green”
Link: Why Go Green

Noveber 2011
Beverly Maloney-Fischback talks about NO CALORIE FAT FREE Indulgences for your skin.

April 2012
Editor-in-Chief Rona Berg is the featured speaker at The Spa Buzz Green Event in NYC

October 2011
Our very own Beverly Maloney-Fischback, CEO & Publisher, along with our fabulous modeling team were featured on WKYC Cleveland’s “Good Company” morning show!
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Interview with Organic Spa Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Mary Bemis

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