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by Mary Tjotjos

Chris Vlaun, V Art of Wellness

Top trainer Christopher Vlaun has a balanced approach to fitness often incorporating sports performance training, conscious movement and functional fitness. Along with his wife Tracie he has co-created some of the most in-demand fitness concepts like  Aeroga Movement a bodyweight fitness/yoga hybrid that delivers the ultimate full workout experience for the mind body and soul. Christopher also founded V Art of Wellness to a premier fitness brand offering outdoor fitness programs beachfront and
mountainside. From circuits barefoot in board shorts on the beach to interval running slope side on the mountains, he brings an experience where fitness, nature and soul collide. Some of Christophers private clients include CEO’s, HNWI, Professional Athletes, Celebrities, Royalty and Olympians. When Christopher and his wife Tracie are not
in Miami you may find them teaching retreats in the Caribbean, Cabo or an amazing mountain town in the American West.