Blue Lagoons

by Rona Berg

Imagine a place where the sky is always clear and cobalt blue, the sea is bright turquoise with glints of sunlight and the sandy beaches are white as pearls. Where you can jump off the deck of your overwater villa into water that holds you like a gentle hug.

Those well-traveled may have seen their fair share of paradise in the South Pacific, but the InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa takes it to another level. What makes it most unique is the mountain set directly across from the Sands Restaurant, where you can enjoy a delicious barefoot lunch of locally sourced fish, while dipping your toes in the water. And then, of course, there is the natural beauty of the resort itself.

Decide to loll around and do nothing all day, but make sure to visit the Deep Ocean Spa at some point, the first thalassotherapy center ever built in the South Pacific, where a traditional Tahitian massage will unravel any knots and turn you into jelly. Or reserve a pontoon excursion for the day and spend your time on or in the water: snorkeling amid the bright and colorful coral, swimming with the friendly fish, then picnicking on a “motu” (small islet), where your picnic table is set in the water, too, and you can feel the sand beneath your feet.

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