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by Mary Tjotjos

Anna Bjurstam, Six Senses

Anna Bjurstam is considered one of the world’s leading wellness pioneers. In 1997 she was part of the executive team, introducing S.A.T.S to the Swedish market, today the leading Scandinavian Fitness Chain. She opened large scale fitness centers as well as incorporating new fitness centers in an aggressive acquiring process of centers in Sweden. In 2000 Bjurstam became co-owner of Raison d’Etre, a Spa & Wellness company building wellness brands, and have worked with over 200 spas in 70 different countries as well as creating its own hotel and spa brand LivNordic. Raison d’Etre was acquired by Pegasus Capital Advisors in 2013. In 2012 Anna joined Six Senses as the Vice President of Spas & Wellness and have been instrumental in establish Six Senses as a wellness brand, introducing ground breaking wellness initiatives in the hospitality industry. In 2018 she changed position and now carries the title of “Wellness Pioneer” for Six Senses, responsible for all wellness innovation, content and development in Six Senses. She joined Pegasus Capital Advisors as a Strategic Advisor in 2015 focusing on wellness initiatives with in the build environment, work places and hospitality, especially concentrating on communities, sleep, nutrition, integrated wellness and spas. Anna is a founding board member of the Global Wellness Summit since 1996, Corporate Council Member of Harvard University Department of Environmental Health, is co-chairing the Global Wellness Institute’s “Wellness Communities” bringing together stakeholders with interests in residential communities and holistic health. She is also a sought-after presenter and speaker as well as adviser. Together with her hands-on expertise, through in-depth studies in everything from fitness, yoga, meditation, shamanism and healing together with a Master Degree of Science in Finance, she is considered to be one of the leaders and pioneers in the wellness industry.