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Accessories in Bloom

by Zoe Helene

Spring’s earth-friendly fashion accessories are inspired by nature—the finest designer—with fresh, eco-femme jewel tones, blossom colors and glorious greens.

Artisan Impact 14K Rose Gold Ring With Green Lemon Quartz
$866 artisanimpact.com, etsy.com (artisanimpact)
This stunning rose gold ring, featuring inlaid green lemon quartz, is handmade by Oded & Ilan.
  Doloris Petunia Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friendship Cuff
$500 dolorispetunia.com
Los Angeles-based designer Courtney Price designed this custom-fitted cuff from fine vintage and Swarovski crystals following her motto: one-of-a-kind is the new black.
  Sohandloom Depot Orange Cocktail Clutch
$115 sheilaodessey.com
Sheila Odessey weaves natural cotton yarn and recycled pop-culture plastic bags into artful clutches. This orange is big on runways this season.
  ICU Eyeware Citron Stained Bamboo Temple Reader
$62.95 icueyewear.com
These stylish “readers” are made from reclaimed plastic, recycled metal and sustainable bamboo.



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