by Mary Tjotjos

La Fleur By Livvy

A Parisian Affair

A Parisian Affair by La Fleur By Livvy is a natural Oriental perfume for women or men, and part of the Travel Collection. It has a vintage mood. 

The formula equals: 1 portion love, 2 portions desire combined with a few drops of vanilla, lilac, champaka, and a dash of pine blended together with a generous shot of cognac makes this “Parisian Affair” a night to remember. Or in other words, the intensely dreamy lilac and pungent pine are smoothed with vanilla, but all dressed up with some very naughty cognac.

Notes include: Lilac, Pine, Vanilla, Champaca, and Hennessey Cognac. 

Parisian Affair was launched in 2013 and the nose is Olivia Larson. 

Available in 2 sizes: Full bottle $125 (50ml.) or $15 Mini Atomizer sprayer (5ml.)