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by Mary Tjotjos

Our 2023 Organic Spa Media Beauty Awards will be presented in a custom digital E-Book and distributed to our full base at the end of May. Organic Spa Media awards top products in a variety of categories:  top age-defers, cleansers, facial masks, balms, face oils, serums, exfoliants, sun-care, eye creams, moisturizers, holistic healers, blemish treatments, deodorants, hand & moisturizers, hair care, color cosmetics. 

Our criteria is simple: 

We judge each product on ingredient purity, efficacy, innovation and sustainability. We are fortunate to be leaders in clean beauty. For years, we have vetted every ingredient in every product to ensure that we are not recommending anything that could be potentially harmful to our reader’s health or the health of the environment.

Please send samples for editorial review to the following addresses: 

Head Office:
Organic Spa Media
Attn: Keri Stewart
19537 Lake Rd, Ste 203
Rocky River, OH 44116

Beauty Editor:
Attn: Abbie Kozolchyk
850 E. Ocean Blvd,
Long Beach, CA 90802

International Product Submission:
Attn: Megan Meeres
4 Haycroft Gardens,
London NW10 3BN
United Kingdom

Submission Deadline: April 15th