Top Tips for Success: Setting Intentions

by Edward Habat

With social media constantly buzzing and life finding seemingly endless ways to increase our anxiety, it isn’t always easy to maintain a positive attitude. Thankfully, Adrienne Enns of May You Know Joy has a solution: setting intentions.

“So often we get wrapped up in madly checking things off our endless to-do lists and racing from one thing to the next without pausing,” Enns explains. “It’s a stressful, insatiable and unsustainable pace to keep.”

Instead of being controlled by what life randomly offers us, setting intentions allows us to take time to control how we think, feel and react to life’s many pains and joys. “It’s a way to consciously choose how you want to show up in your day and in your life,” says Enns. “Instead of just reacting, setting intentions empowers you to respond in a way that feels true, authentic and in alignment for you.”

Depending on what you want to work on most, intentions will vary from person to person, but we can all follow Enns’ advice on how to get started. “Intention setting is consciously choosing how you want to show up in your day and in your life. You may want to choose a way of being that you want to live more fully,” she says. “For example, you may choose to be more kind, more loving or grateful. Or, you may choose an intention that pushes you out of your comfort zone. You might choose to be more fearless, more creative or to take a risk.”

Here are five tips from Enns to help you get started.

Choose an intention.

Take a few minutes in the morning to choose an intention for yourself. If you are unsure--love, kindness or gratitude are always incredible places to start.

Remind yourself throughout the day.

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a reminder of your intention (a card, a post-it note, a scent, a piece of jewelry, a picture, a quote).

Reflect on your progress.

Pause throughout the day—notice where you are, how you’re feeling and if you can bring yourself back to your intention.

Put it into practice.

Practice your intention—when a situation comes up, instead of falling into familiar patterns, try showing up from a place of kindness, love or gratitude.

Be kind to yourself.

Living intentionally is a conscious and fluid practice. Things won’t always go your way. Keep going. Be kind to yourself, and keep showing up intentionally.”

But most importantly, Enns reminds us, “it’s a practice, not something to be perfected.”

Try: Check out Adrienne’s Seeds of Intention Cards to aid you on your journey. With the right practice, one intention can shift your entire day.

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