Golden Glow

by Rona Berg
Turmeric Beauty Roundup

Here are a few favorite beauty products to try.

Cultivar Organic Turmeric and Hibiscus Skin-Brightening Face Scrub

A super-fine scrub loaded with vitamin C (from camu camu) and turmeric to balance out oil production and keep the pores unclogged. Also contains soothing oatmeal, rice flour and kaolin clay, so it can double as a face mask.
Apsara Facial Toner for Normal Skin

With a beautiful blend of turmeric and rosewater, this alcohol-free, antiseptic, Ayurvedic toner will cleanse, refresh, tone and tighten the skin, while leaving behind a beautiful natural scent.
Pratima Revitalizing Turmeric Cream

This light and lovely cream formulation is recommended for dry, sensitive skin as it helps relieve redness and irritation while hydrating the skin. It also evens out skin tone for a fresh, healthy complexion. "This healing botanical cream is a very versatile product and it can be used as a moisturizer or a mask," says Raichur.
Cocovit Coconut Charcoal Face Mask

With anti-inflammatory turmeric, neem, Indian ginseng, moisturizing coconut and purifying charcoal, this cleansing mask is designed to draw out impurities, tighten and brighten the skin.
S.W. Basics Oil Serum

A nourishing face oil rich in vitamins from oils of avocado, turmeric, geranium and coffee to nourish, soothe and balance the skin.

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