Facials Around the World

by Kristin Vukovic

As the world wakes up to the benefits of pure, organic skincare, spas across the globe are offering scintillating interpretations.As the world wakes up to the benefits of pure, organic skincare, spas across the globe are offering scintillating interpretations.


The Ayurvedic Facial
Badrutt’s Palace
St. Moritz, Switzerland
Working within the principles of Ayurveda, India’s ancient holistic medical system, this treatment begins with a special herbal skin cleansing, which removes impurities and dead skin cells, followed by a detoxifying mask. A nourishing massage with organic oils completes the treatment, leaving you rejuvenated. badruttspalace.com



Tibetan Ku Nye Facial
Ananda in the Himalayas
Uttaranchal, India
This core energy-balancing facial begins with a rose hip scrub to exfoliate and prepare the skin for a sea buckthorn elixir. Ancient Tibetan oil and organic sea buckthorn improve cellular rejuvenation and microcirculation, providing anti-aging benefits, and hot stone acupressure restores glowing radiance. A lavender and honey mask completes the treatment, leaving you feeling like you’re walking on clouds. anandaspa.com



Mali-Montra Youthful Facial (pictured above)
Panpuri Organic Spa
Sydney, Australia
Inspired by traditional Thai beautyrituals and jasmine, Thailand’s most sacred flower, this facial uses Jasmine Free-Radical Defense Complex, a uniquely powerful antioxidant and hydrating compound that combines jasmine essences with essential amino acids and fruit compounds. Pañpuri’s three core facials, customized to address different skin conditions, include an organic tea tree foot ritual. panpuriorganicspa.com.au



Balinese Garden Facial
Fivelements Spa
Bali, Indonesia
Capturing plants’ healing powers and utilizing all-natural, traditional village remedies, this facial incorporates ingredients selected from local gardens—like salad for your skin! The facial begins with a moisturizing coconut milk cleanse, followed by a fresh sweet corn scrub to exfoliate dead skin cells. Settle into a floral steam bath before indulging in a virgin coconut oil face and neck massage and a honey-lime-cucumber mask. fivelements.org


Exfoliating Fig Enzyme Facial
Elixir Organic Spa
Toronto, Canada
“My journey began back in 2001 when I suffered a horrendous allergic skin reaction to an organic beauty product,” says Elixir founder Lynn Shulman. “Our motto is, ‘If you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t apply it on your skin.’” Elixir’s most popular facial includes a unique fig enzyme mask, which loosens the “glue” that holds skin cells together to allow for better cleansing and exfoliation. Because figs contain an enzyme 20 times more powerful than papayas, they dissolve imperfections without irritating the skin. elixirspa.ca

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