Chill Out CDs

by Sandra Ramani

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1. Algodon Mansions; Buenos Aires

Enjoy electronica with a Latin flair courtesy of this intimate Buenos Aires hotel (where the new spa will offer organic vinotherapy treatments using products from the hotel’s vineyard in Mendoza). Trippy instrumentals with names like “A Gentle Dissolve” and “Holographic Universe,” along with more classic Latin vocal numbers, help turn any space into the coolest lounge.

2. Mii Amo Moons of Meditation; Mii Amo

Sedona, Arizona’s award-winning Mii Amo Spa’s CD contains primarily traditional flute instrumental tracks performed by Native American artist Mockingbird. The soothing tunes are both played in the spa and placed in each guest room to encourage relaxation. $22,


3. Chuan Spa, Volume 3: Rediscover you Source; Langham Hotel

Customized by Australia-based Spa Sounds for Langham’s Chuan Spas and Chuan Body + Soul locations, this latest volume includes eight tranquility-promoting instrumental numbers (think piano and violin) in both Asian and Western styles. $15,

4. La Reserve by Stavef; La Reserve Hotels

This mellow mix of jazz and electronica instrumental and vocal numbers—from artists like Saint Privat, Bossa Nostra, and The Juju Orchestra—is on rotation at the La Reserve hotel lounges in Paris, Geneva, and the south of France. 20 Euro,


5. Simply Peninsula; The Peninsula Hotels

Create your own sanctuary with this atmospheric disc of traditional and contemporary Asian instrumental pieces, many performed using traditional instruments. $20,


6. Band; Aqua Expeditions

This cool, Peruvian-flavored mix of vocal and instrumental songs (including some lounge-y interpretations of classics like “Besame Mucho” and “Hey Jude” performed with traditional instruments) sets the perfect tone for Aqua Expeditions’ luxury Amazon cruises—or a night at home with a glass of Pisco.


7. Oriental Wisdom I, II and III; Mandarin Oriental Hotels

This trio of spa CDs offers instrumental and Asian-inspired music designed to Balance (volume I), Revive (volume II), and Purify (volume III). Songs like “Finding the Quiet,” “Softly Falling,” and “Sunrise at the Ganges” help create a soulful mood. $20 each,


8. Dosha CDs; Paradisus Resorts

Created in the Dominican Republic for Paradisus’ Yhi Spas, these three CDs are specially designed to help balance each of the three main Ayurvedic doshas, or body types. Each disc mixes musical compositions with another element. Kapha features whale songs, Pitta uses the water sounds, and Vata types are centered with nature and bird sounds. $21,

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