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Iced Tisanes from The Republic of Tea

By Sandra Ramani / July 23, 2015

The master blenders at The Republic of Tea might travel the globe to source their leaves and herbs, but the inspiration for their latest release was found just up the road from their Northern California offices. There, in the state’s wine country, Kendall Jackson Family Estate Chairwoman and Proprietor Barbara Banke and fellow wine exec […]


Tea Fermentation

By Nicole Dorsey Straff / February 6, 2014

Coffee and chocolate were once made by live cultures and fermentation practices, a complicated chemical synthesis that occurs when you ingest live bacteria that aids your digestion and immune function. The process of fermentation and eating probiotics regularly  (kefir, miso and yogurt) also helps the body produce healthy fatty acids essential for digestion, brain health […]


Drink More Tea to Boost Your Health

By Nicole Dorsey Straff / January 23, 2014

Tea is 2014’s notable beverage trend, gaining popularity among mixologists and chefs alike. It doesn’t have to be green tea, either, though a great body of research proves just how beneficial green tea leaves can be. Seeing that different tea varieties exhibit distinctive flavor profiles much like wine, why choose one type of leaf over another? I’ve […]


The Beauty of Tea

By Rona Berg / January 15, 2014

One of nature’s best beauty remedies, a spot of tea—or recycled tea bag—can truly work wonders. A nice cup of tea will warm you up and slow you down. It forces you to pause, sip slowly and savor your day. The mind-body benefits are endless. But tea can offer beauty benefits, too. Recycling leftover tea […]


Tea for Two

By Organic Spa Magazine / August 23, 2011

…or more, with this very cheerful handcrafted teapot that holds eight cups of tea. We were drawn to its simplicity, charm, and variety of colors (it’s also available in green, yellow, orange, red, cobalt blue, light blue, white, and black) and to the fact that it’s eco-friendly on many counts. Just one of the stylish […]