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Spotlight on Moringa

By Laura Beans / February 25, 2015

The superfood that can save lives  While moringa—an easily cultivated, drought-resistant, rapidly growing tree—has been used in impoverished countries to combat malnutrition for decades, the developed world seems to be just catching on to the benefits of this superfood. Native to India, moringa contains 90 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, amino acids (the leaves alone hold 18—eight […]


Exploring Enzymes

By Organic Spa Magazine / January 15, 2014

A renowned integrative MD explains how enzymes can help us heal. Enzymes have long been an overlooked secret to helping our bodies heal. Every plant contains naturally occurring enzymes that help us digest the plant’s nutrients, making them more readily available to the body. These enzymes help in improving digestion, aid in absorption, reduce inflammation, […]