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Best Natural Deodorants

By Rona Berg / February 2, 2015

It’s a tall order. We want our deodorant to keep us smelling fresh, but most traditional formulations contain aluminum-based compounds, which block the sweat glands. Some studies have linked aluminum, as well as other common ingredients like parabens, triclosan and phthalates, to hormone disruption and even breast cancer. Why take the risk, when there are […]


Age-Defying Skincare

By Organic Spa Magazine / March 4, 2014

Breakthrough ingredients and new formulations are the secret to ageless—and beautiful—skin. Choosing sides is never easy. It used to be that we had to pick between clean natural products or chemical-laden but effective ones. Now, thanks to the meteoric rise of green cosmeceuticals, there are plenty of options that incorporate potent natural ingredients to deliver […]


The Art of Aging

By Kevin Raub / September 7, 2011

Although we can’t turn back time, we sent our Green Guy on a hunt for some of the best serums that at least put a halt on the advances of time.


Skin Oil

By Sandra Ramani / September 7, 2011

A line of beauty products that benefit not only the body, but the environment and local women.


Sustainable Skin Care

By Mark Wuttke / September 7, 2011

There’s more behind the seals on your natural skin-care products. Do your research and see if your favorite skin-care company cares enough about whats goes into their products, all the way down to stage one of production- on the farm!


Skin Tone

By Kevin Raub / September 7, 2011

Our Green Guy puts four natural toners to the test. Find out which ones top his chart and keep his skin looking young and fresh.