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Emotional Intelligence

By Mary Beth Janssen / January 21, 2015

To err is human, to forgive is smarter—at least this is what studies suggest. Growing evidence shows that those inclined to forgive enjoy better physical and mental health than those prone to hold grudges. In a recent study, adults were asked to use either forgiving or unforgiving imagery as they thought about someone that had […]


Exercise Your Willpower

By Nicole Dorsey Straff / March 18, 2014

We generally tend to think that those of us with a semblance of self-control are more likely to adhere to an exercise regimen. Recent research from neuroscientists now introduces the possibility that exercise itself chemically increases your feelings of self-control to help you lose weight and keep exercising. In other words, working out builds your willpower. Adopting […]


Exercise and the Art of Self-control

By Nicole Dorsey Straff / February 27, 2014

For me, knowing that regular exercise mediates daily stress and helps me steal one hour per day all for myself is enough to get me to the gym 4 to 5 days a week. Sometimes I run and do yoga; sometimes I do the elliptical trainer, lift weights and stretch—but I know I’m going to […]