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Creating a Home Hammam for Two

By Laura Beans / February 12, 2015

When a Valentine’s Day jet set to Morroco isn’t in the cards, a romantic home hammam for two does nicely Traditionally, the Morrocan hamman was more than a bath house; while the cleansing process was a multi-step, soapy ritual, the space itself served a social purpose: For men and women of all ages and income […]


Off The Grid in Morocco

By Rona Berg / March 4, 2014

A remote mountain trekking lodge, a tented camp in the desert: Morocco is the perfect place to get lost and find yourself. I love to wander down alleyways, get lost, double back, do it again—and again. So it’s no surprise that a souk turns me into a delighted five-year-old child. Too bad it’s almost impossible […]